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Pastoral thoughts on growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

More than a Babe

December 6, 2017 | by: Pastor Dax | 0 Comments

Christmas isn’t about a particular day, or the general wonder of new life born. We worship in awe because this particular child was born. The Bible is a cacophony of sound about this child. In fact, in a very real way, the Word is this child.... Keep Reading



October 20, 2017 | by: Pastor Dax | 0 Comments

Jesus didn't just rescue me from sin and get me started on the road to my inheritance. Jesus secured my inheritance on the cross. Jesus didn't wipe the slate clean, he clothed me in his righteousness. The cross proclaims the great exchange--Jesus actually became sin. My sin. So that I get righteousness. His righteousness.... Keep Reading


The Riches of Your Great Grace

October 13, 2017 | by: Pastor Dax | 0 Comments

To speak of the riches of God’s great grace is to look into the gospel. If you read this, if you experience this song, then you too enter into the amazing riches of his great grace: not just what he has done, but the wonder that this grace extends to you.... Keep Reading

We Will Stand

October 6, 2017 | by: Pastor Dax | 0 Comments

If you have been broken, if you aren’t sure you can stand, this song is for you. We will stand. Because of the Promised One who loves us and never fails.... Keep Reading



September 29, 2017 | by: Pastor Dax | 0 Comments

The supernatural humbles us. Because we are not in control. Because we are speaking of things we have no ability to even see, let alone influence. Because we are totally dependent, from our very first breath until our last, on the kindness of God.... Keep Reading


All This For Us

September 21, 2017 | by: Pastor Dax | 0 Comments

His cross does not simply proclaim rescue from sin and death. It proclaims life. It provides our way back, our restoration, our sanctification as well as our justification, because in the work of Jesus is our entire hope.... Keep Reading


Almighty Love

September 15, 2017 | by: Pastor Dax | 0 Comments

When you come to your end, when your bridges are burned, when you sit in the wreckage of what your very best effort results in, you are ready for this love. Almighty Love. The upside-down, incomprehensible, radical love of God in Jesus Christ.... Keep Reading

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Creator of It All

September 15, 2017 | by: Pastor Dax | 0 Comments

God’s power is amazing, but his omnipotence is not what primarily amazes me. What humbles me is in the midst of his power, he cares. He doesn’t just make the stars, he knows them by name. He doesn’t just make big things, he makes grains of sand.... Keep Reading


O What A Fountain

August 31, 2017 | by: Pastor Dax | 0 Comments

As the cares of the world keep assailing, as injustice and suffering abound and simple life seems to hold no intrinsic joy, we remember again by faith that Jesus has washed away every blemish, every sin, and covered us in his righteousness. And for a moment, just a moment, we again splash in the cleansing flood, we are free in the clean waters that he has bathed us in.... Keep Reading


You Go Before Us

August 24, 2017 | by: Pastor Dax | 0 Comments

When our path led only to condemnation and destruction, Jesus was strong and courageous. Jesus, our Joshua, obeyed the Father perfectly. He took on the world, the flesh, and the devil… and, through suffering and death, won. His blood covers our sin. His righteousness is ours forever. Simply by trusting in him. ... Keep Reading